Limited accountability on corruption In Botswana, and Africa.

Limited political will to hold accountable and punish those found guilty of corruption is one of our government’s major failures. All the corruption accusations we saw coming and going, it’s true “Batswana ba lebala ka pela” (Batswana forget fast). From the looting of ESP, NPF, the Butterfly case which made waves and now the P1 million school ablution block scandal which we take lightly. This shows that relevant authorities are not eager to make anyone accountable, though the country loses billions from such scandals.

It’s sad that all over Africa, people who get to feel the heat are the poor who are trying to make ends meet. They are heavily taxed, hard earned money is taken out of their hands through bogus traffic charges, stall payments, and all this money is then stolen by corrupt people with power.

Transparency, accountability and integrity is of great importance if we are to grow as a continent.

Published by U. Onamile

U. Onamile is an enthusiast who likes to share information and educate people on various issues of life.

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