Limited accountability on corruption In Botswana, and Africa.

Limited political will to hold accountable and punish those found guilty of corruption is one of our government’s major failures. All the corruption accusations we saw coming and going, it’s true “Batswana ba lebala ka pela” (Batswana forget fast). From the looting of ESP, NPF, the Butterfly case which made waves and now the P1 million school ablution block scandal which we take lightly. This shows that relevant authorities are not eager to make anyone accountable, though the country loses billions from such scandals.

It’s sad that all over Africa, people who get to feel the heat are the poor who are trying to make ends meet. They are heavily taxed, hard earned money is taken out of their hands through bogus traffic charges, stall payments, and all this money is then stolen by corrupt people with power.

Transparency, accountability and integrity is of great importance if we are to grow as a continent.

Life is hard, but you are tough. How can you cope with life?

Ever felt like life is just too much to deal with? wish death on yourself? I have been there and it is not the best feeling in this world. One minute you are happy, next minute you are angry, mad, going crazy for some reason you don’t know. Well in my experience these things will always be part of us and all that matters is how we deal with them. Many of us suffer from various problems, whether rich, poor, black, white, that we keep to ourselves because the world nowadays judges you before they can help you.

Everyday you find yourself dealing with problems you were not prepared to deal with, you can pay bills cause you have no job, can’t take your kid to daycare, can’t afford a decent meal, can’t find a job, you love someone but they don’t love you back, or you have been dumped, you can’t find a happy relationship to fulfill your marriage dream. Really, the list is endless.

And since you are not alone, it’s only fair that i tell you that this world we live in is not fair and you should accept that. You need to stop worrying too much about the problems and shift your focus to how you can change that situation. You need to gather strength, i know you are probably wondering, “how you you gather strength?”. There are many sources of strength that you can exploit, self help books, motivational videos, reading success stories, friends, if you are a religious person that is one of your choices so get spiritual upliftment, talk to a professional and that could be psychologists, social workers, life coaches, psychiatrists (and no, that doesn’t mean you are crazy).

I remember when my own cousin kicked me out of her house, I had no place to go, no money to pay for a new place to stay since i had given her money for as monthly contributions towards household expenses. I was stranded and all alone. I approached one of the guys i have known for a long time when growing up in the township and he, out of all the people that i tried, agreed to let me crash at in his bedroom, sharing the same bed, hustling for food together. From that time when i felt there was no hope for me he came and rescued me from suicide thoughts, a friend, going an extra-mile for me when my own flesh and blood threw me in the streets. My point here is that there are people with good hearts out there, some of them are not relatives, so broaden your search when you look for support.

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